25 May, 2010

CocoRosie Live

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As you might have guessed from my last post, I went to see CocoRosie live at Manchester Cathedral on the 7th of May and it was truly spectacular. Without sounding over the top, it was probably one of the most wonderful live performances I will ever see in my life. Their new album, "Grey Oceans" is again a completely different sound from the Casady sisters, with a combination of both ethnic influences and modern vocal manipulation, they have once again managed to perfectly unify two completely parallel concepts. Their live show featured most of the songs off this album and one or two old favourites. They flitted and fleed around stage, particularly Sierra who danced like a hyperactive child whilst wearing delicate night gowns and tutus. The setting of a Cathedral was perfect and it really was a beautiful thing to have been a part of. I didn't manage to get any worth while pictures but I did get some semi-decent videos. I hope you enjoy them and if you haven't, listen to the new album and do try go and see them live before you pop your clogs...

CocoRosie - Happy Eyez from Maggie Matich on Vimeo.

CocoRosie - Undertaker from Maggie Matich on Vimeo.

CocoRosie - R.I.P Burnface from Maggie Matich on Vimeo.

CocoRosie Live - K-Hole from Maggie Matich on Vimeo.